The project “Reflective teaching/learning in a modern European digital classroom” aims at developing and improving basic and transversal skills by using language competences,digital abilities, innovative practices,peer learning and exchanges of European experiences. It wants to produce innovative and realistic methodological approaches centered on pupils ,their curricula,increasing their educational perfomances to the European standards and strengthening their social paths. The keyword of the project is Reflection,as one of our horizontal priorities is the achievement of relevant and high quality skills and competences which belong both to teachers and students. We intend to organize the educational process as a " return ticket" where not only teachers but also students are able to successfully and enormously benefit from. In today's work climate, where Europe's door are open to all who are IT competent,it is fundamental to improve IT teaching/learning,as the reflective teaching/learning can successfully be reachable through the aware use of digital tools in a digital area. If the educational process proceeds fostering the students' competences , it means that teaching practices work and can strengthen the teachers' and schools' profiles. The incentive for this project is the desire to improve the teaching/learning experience for teachers and students through strengthening the profile of teacher professions, by means of providing teachers and teacher trainers with up-to-date insight on students' needs, reducing the chances of teacher Burn Out.